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Harlem High School Leaves None Behind

Success Academy Seniors
Success Academy Seniors

An entire Senior Class at Harlem’s Success Academy was accepted into colleges and universities including Yale, Georgetown, NYU

Harlem’s Success Academy recently announced that its entire senior class of 98 motivated scholars are bound for college this Fall.  The 12th graders at Success Academy’s High School of the Liberal Arts in Manhattan all gained acceptance and admission to colleges and universities, including Georgetown, Yale, Penn State, New York University, and Duke University.

The Success Academy schools is a network of charter schools that operate in New York City and enrolls some eighteen thousand students in more than 40 campuses in the boroughs of New York City.  According to Success president Eva Moskowitz, her institution is solidly committed to helping disadvantaged youth to succeed and rise to their full potential.

“Thanks to the work of an extraordinary faculty and the steady support of these parents and families, these scholars are well prepared for the challenges of college,” Moskowitz, who founded the education network expressed.

Most of Success Academy’s students come from low- to moderate-income households, but these seniors at the Academy rank nearly 200 points higher than the national average  Moskowitz contends that year after year, the education system she founded turns out talented top-notch students who go on to have great impact in society.  “They have read and analyzed poetry, studied calculus, electrical and biological engineering, communication technology, math and sciences, and plumbed the primary sources of ancient history,” she attested.  “They are ready to show the world just how capable they are.  I couldn’t be prouder.”

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and shelter-in-place mandate, Success has maintained a thorough grading system and its virtual tutoring.  “Now is not the time to throw out standards or give up on our students, the executive educator expressed.


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