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World exceeds 1.1 million DEATHS

Africa has lowest numbers

COVID cases around the world 10232020
COVID cases around the world 10232020

As politicians scramble for answers and engage in debates on an array of issues around the deadly virus and its impact on life and lifestyle, the death toll continues to rise in many parts of the country and around the world, and COVID fatalities in the US are already the same number as the population of Tallahassee, Florida or Rochester, New York.

This country leads the world in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths, followed by Brazil in number of deaths and India in number of cases – despite the fact that the population of India is some 4 times that of the United States.

This grim state of affairs has not in any way deterred President Donald Trump from encouraging crowds without face masks and social distancing despite being caught on tape privately telling journalist Bob Woodward that COVID-19 was “deadly stuff” while publicly downplaying the impact.  In an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, former director of the Center for Disease Control Dr. Thomas Frieden noted that Trump has spent his time the last 7 months fighting science instead of the virus.

“Because of that we have exceeded 212,000 deaths and, quite frankly, there are more deaths than that in the U.S.  Many – if not most – of those were preventable,” Frieden noted.

As the global death toll exceeds one point one million, the continent of Africa remains the most stable with the least number of cases and deaths;  Europe is flattening the curve with only moderate increases but countries like America, Brazil, India and Peru are experiencing rapid increases in the number of cases and the number of deaths.

The ten countries with the highest number of deaths are led by America and Brazil, and includes four European nations.  Iran, the largest country in the “Middle East” makes the list which also includes two Latin America countries of Mexico and Peru.

CHART – COVID cases around the world 10232020
CHART – COVID deaths around the world 10232020
CHART – COVID Top 7 countries in Africa 10232020
CHART – COVID Top 7 countries in Europe 10232020
CHART – COVID Top 7 countries other 10232020

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