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US House of Representatives

Congressman Gregory Meeks has been the U.S. Representative for New York’s 5th congressional district since 1998. His district includes most of southeastern Queens, the Rockaways, and John F. Kennedy International Airport. He is a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Plan and is currently working to promote the extension and expansion of the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. Even before this COVID-19 pandemic, Congressman Meeks was diligently working to increase federal funding for research to facilitate faster development of cures for diseases and viruses. A multilateralist with decades of experience in foreign policy, Congressman Meeks is the first Black member of Congress to serve as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Born in East Harlem and raised in a New York City housing project, Congressman Meeks followed the paths of his idols – Thurgood Marshall and Charles Hamilton Houston (a mentor to Marshall) – and received his J.D. from Howard Law School.  Congressman Meeks serves as a living inspiration for the children of Harlem and the country; whether they want to be a member of congress, a judge, district attorney, or lawyer, it is all feasible.


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