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NYS Assembly Speaker

Democrat CARL HEASTIE is a NYS Legislator from the Bronx, who is also the Speaker of the Assembly, which makes him one of the most powerful men in government and one of the “three persons in the room,” along with the Governor and the Senate Majority Leader, who control New York politics.  

Elected to the Assembly in 2000 by local constituents, Heastie was elected Speaker by Assembly members in 2015, succeeding Sheldon Silver.  The 100th NYS Assembly Speaker, he is the first African American to serve in that capacity.   The 150-member Assembly boasts a super Democratic  majority. 

A numbers cruncher, Heastie earned a BS degree in Math and Statistics from the NYS University at Stony Brook and an MBA from Bernard Baruch College, a CUNY school. His pre-Albany life included employment as a Budget Analyst in the NYC Comptroller’s Office and as a Monroe College Adjunct Professor.


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