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NY1 Political Anchor

Despite the craziness of the last four years – the pandemic, the impeachment, social injustice and deliberate fatalities, Errol Louis is always cool, able to get his point across while remaining, as Duke Ellington would say, in a “Mellow Tone.”

Louis is the political anchor and host of Inside City Hall, a nightly program about New York City politics that airs nightly on Spectrum News NY1.  For the past 10 years, Errol has regularly interviewed top political and cultural leaders, and has moderated more than two dozen debates, including the race for mayor, public advocate, and city and state comptroller. Prior to joining NY1, the Harlem native, raised in New Rochelle, served on the Daily News’ editorial board, and he still pens weekly opinion columns for the newspaper.

Errol also serves as the Director of the Urban Reporting program at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. For students looking for a career in journalism or on-air news reporter, Louis is the man to watch. He is a role model and mentor, and while you may not be able to talk to him through the TV, his show is available weeknights to watch, learn from, and be inspired.


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