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Harlem Arts Alliance

VOZA RIVERS has over 40 titles, but if they were to be compressed, the appropriate title would have to be Harlem’s Minister of Cultural Affairs. There is probably not one major cultural event that is presented in Harlem without his knowledge. He is so popular in Harlem that if you were to stop a five-year-old on Lenox Avenue and ask about Rivers, the child would respond, “Oh, he’s the man who does the movies for kids at St. Nicholas Park for HARLEM WEEK.”  

Rivers’ work as a theater producer, music executive, event producer, and documentary filmmaker has been presented across the globe.  He is the executive producer and founding member of the New Heritage Theatre Group, established in 1964, and executive producer and co-founder of IMPACT Repertory Theatre, the Oscar and Grammy nominated youth and music division of New Heritage.  He also serves as the First Vice President of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and Co-Founder/Vice Chairman and Executive Producer of HARLEM WEEK, and is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Harlem Arts Alliance, 350-member non-profit service organization founded in 2001 to advance the arts and culture of Harlem and the surrounding communities.


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