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The Campaign Against Hunger

DR. MELONY SAMUELS is the founder and executive director of The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH), formerly Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger. The organization began in 1998 as a small traditional food pantry located in a church basement. It  has expanded into an innovative non-profit community-based food pantry with extensions reaching the South Bronx, the Rockaways, and all of Brooklyn, with two Urban Agro-Ecological Centers, a social services office, community kitchen, nutrition education hub, and a leadership development program.

Dr. Samuels provides some of the city’s neediest citizens with good nutrition, improving their health and overall well-being. ing.  The Campaign Against Hunger ensures that the food provided to families is nutritious in order to help maintain a good immune system particularly during this pandemic.

“In my over 20 years of serving vulnerable neighbors, I have never seen the distress I am seeing on faces these days,” said Dr. Samuels. “We need to look at our broken infrastructure and begin to reinforce and to rebuild. We have to reconstruct our minds and our hearts and know that all of our lives have been altered in one way or another.  But we are New Yorkers and we are strong.”


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