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Public Employees Federation

WAYNE SPENCE was elected the Public Employees Federation’s first African American President in June 2015.  PEF is the second largest state labor union, representing nearly 51,000 public sector employees. 

During his nearly 30 years in state government working as a parole officer, Wayne has held numerous leadership positions in the union.  He is known as a leader who demands that the union and state follow through on mandates, especially for member health and safety and community safety issues.  Under his leadership, the union negotiated two successful contracts that included across-the-board raises with no givebacks for the membership.

During the coronavirus pandemic, he has been an outspoken advocate for state employees who were deprived of their guaranteed right to paid quarantine leave, and also negotiated  the extension of an agreement for free, mandatory COVID-19 testing of all PEF-represented employees at SUNY state-operated colleges, universities and hospitals.